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We are happy to announce that we will be opening our store this Tuesday, May 19th. To allow our staff and of course, our customers, to get used to some new protocols we will begin with reduced-hour days. For the time being we will open from noon to 5pm as we all learn some new procedures and routines.

We will be limiting the number of customers in the store and do request that you follow social distancing guidelines of two metres. We of course will be implementing all the recommended safety measures of WorkSafeBC for the safety of us all.

Hope to see you soon…


Our store is home to over 80,000 books and we are always interested in your good condition, previously loved books.

Come to us to sell or trade your books, before you have your Garage Sale or Fundraiser.

We also have Gift Certificates available if you would like to surprise a book lover.

Buy Books

The shop is small but the stock is carefully selected. There’s a mix of new releases and old, as well as fresh books and slightly used. We carry a large selection of current paperback best sellers in all major categories.

Sell Books

If you would like to sell your books in good condition, we will have a look at them. We are interested in hardcovers and paperbacks in exemplary condition. Check our Trade Policies for details.

Trade Books

We are also interested in trading books. Bring some – take some. We will offer up to 50% of our retail price in store credit, based on our assessment of how quickly we think your books will sell.

Book Mobile

In the future we plan to come out with our Mobile Book Store to bring a selection of our books to fairs, trade shows and events. Let us know of any venue you would like us to visit with our Book Truck.

Estate Sales

If you are offering an estate collection or a large personal library for sale, please contact us to arrange an appointment. A Companion Book Buyer will make house calls for particularly large collections.

Books come into our Lives for a Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime.

Meet the Team

Our Team would like to welcome you to our unique bookstore.

Let us know how we can help you.

Buddha The Cat

Customer Relations

Rare Collector Books

Customer Testimonials

Buffy Summers

“The staff at this little gem of a bookstore are really friendly and helpful. While the store is fairly small in size they have a very good selection of both new and second-hand books. The used books are in great shape – most of them look like new. All are shelved according to subject and author so they are easy to find. They keep a want list so that if you are having difficulty finding the book you want they will call you if someone trades it in. If you want real customer service, shop here!”

Felipe Latorre

“A simple place where you’ll find a lot of books and for any category you are searching.”

Monica Kim

“Love the selection, detailed organization, and friendly Buddha!!”

Connie Eng

“I absolutely love going to this bookstore! The customer service is great, the people are friendly and helpful, and their cat Buddha is so adorable that he’s one of the reasons why I visit this place frequently.

Anne Shetty

“Helpful and friendly staff!! Very organized store! So loving this neighborhood!

Anke Sabo

“What an amazingly organized used book store! I can’t believe Companion Books offers over 80,000 books on their shelves. Everything is labelled, easy to find and the new management is very committed to providing the best customer service. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed. Cat Lovers need to come anyway to visit the in-store-living cat Buddha, the little celebrity of Burnaby.

Sabine Görtz

“Wonderful well sorted bookstore! Lots and lots of books to choose from!! Friendly knowledgeable staff – great big cat that likes petting plus easy parking! The owner and staff is well read and can always help with special orders as well. I’m coming back!”

Online Search

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Our Trade Policies

Learn about the Policies when Selling or Trading Books with Companion Books.

Condition of Books

We take clean, shiny books that we can put straight on the shelves. Some exceptions may be made for desirable books. We are always looking for current best sellers.

Not accepted Books

We do not accept Readers Digest condensed books, encyclopedias, magazines or books that are soiled, wet or damaged. Companion Books reserves the right to refuse any book.

Trade Process

We would like to advise that customers call ahead before bringing books in, to check on current volume and make an appointment if necessary.

Receiving Trade Credit

We offer up to 50% of our retail price in store credit, based on our assessment of how quickly we think your books will sell. Our trade credit account is tracked in store. Trade credit has no cash value and therefore cannot be converted into cash or used to purchase gift certificates. Trade credit is taken off purchases before any other special coupons or promotions are applied.

Cash Credit

We offer up to 20% of our retail price in cash. We will generally not pay cash for common authors and titles which we can obtain on trade. Trade credit has no cash value and therefore cannot be converted into cash or used to purchase gift certificates. Trade credit is taken off purchases before any other special coupons or promotions are applied.

Spending Trade Credit

You can use your trade credit to buy previously loved books – no cash required. You may use Companion Books trade credit toward 20% of the price of any ‘New’ books (ones we’ve bought directly from the publishers). To buy collectable books with trade credit you must trade in collectable books. We track collectable credits separately from regular credits.

Book Art

Gregory’s Blog

Gregory R. Freeman is an award winning Antiquarian book-collector and private researcher with an avid interest in English history. Explore his Antiquarian Blog focusing on historical print spanning 600 years.

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